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Due to the efforts of Floridians who care, the fabled Florida Forever program, which, with its predecessors, has saved millions of acres of wetlands and wild places across the state, has now been funded by the 2021 Florida Legislature at $100 million. Importantly, the Legislature also voted to support $300 million from anticipated federal American Rescue Plan monies to conserve defined wildlife corridors and ranchlands. Florida Forever perpetually protects environmentally sensitive lands for ourselves and future generations and preserves our water supply and critical habitats for beloved species such as the Florida panther and the black bear.

Lauren Johnson | St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, Florida | 2020 Photo Contest

Special places protected to date include Apalachicola River wetlands and Bald Point in the Panhandle, rare freshwater springs in North Central Florida, the Wekiva to Ocala Greenway, the ancient dune system of the Lake Wales Ridge and priority properties in the Everglades and the Keys. These lands not only keep our state beautiful and maintain our quality of life but create jobs with outdoor recreation booming in popularity.

Debi MacKown | Satellite Beach, Florida | 2020 Photo Contest

Many, many thanks for all those who contacted our State Senators and Representatives and asked them to adequately fund Florida Forever and the conservation of our natural resources!