Urgent: VETO House Bill CS/CS/919

Please use this form to contact Governor DeSantis and urge him to veto HB CS/CS/919.

What is going on?

The Legislature has passed House Bill CS/CS/919 (CS = Committee Substitute). This bad bill strips local control by prohibiting local governments from banning or restricting fossil fuels.

Why is it important?

Many local governments have committed to moving away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy. This law will likely prevent local communities from ever transitioning to 100% clean energy sources such as solar and wind in order to mitigate against ongoing climate change.

How does it affect Floridians?

Florida is already experiencing serious impacts of the warming climate, with rising sea levels, increased flooding and more destructive storms. We therefore need to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and act to cease our reliance on fossil fuels in the very near future. Local governments should have the ability to transition to 100% clean energy. That is why Governor DeSantis should veto HB CS/CS/919.

    Call Governor DeSantis:

    (850) 717-9337

    What else can you do?

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