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Talk on the Wild Side

Are you passionate about the environment? Exploring careers in conservation? There are so many career paths that allow people to advocate for Florida’s wildlife, protect habitats, and safeguard natural resources. In the first season of Talk on the Wild Side, we hear from some of Florida’s key private and public sector environmental leaders. We learn what sparked their passion for the environment and how they are creating a more sustainable future.

Talk on the Wild Side

Talk on the Wild Side

Talk on the Wild Side

Talk on the Wild Side

Talk on the Wild Side

Careers in Conservation

Careers in Conservation

Careers in Conservation

Careers in Conservation

Careers in Conservation

Episode 1

Talk on the Wild Side with Brent Setchell

Conservation and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) go hand-in-hand. For the past five years, Brent Setchell has been a District Design Engineer with the FDOT.

Episode 2

Talk on the Wild Side with Tim Tetzlaff

As the son of Zoo Founders Jungle Larry® and Safari Jane®, Tim Tetzlaff has built a life on sharing the wonders of the natural world all of us depend on.

Episode 3

Talk on the Wild Side with Rachel Taylor

In 2020, the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW) rescued and rehabilitated more than 5,600 animals in Southwest Florida and Rachel Taylor is the education outreach director for CROW.

Episode 4

Talk on the Wild Side with Matthew Kruse

People often assume that park rangers spend most of their time dealing with plants and animals. However, Matthew Kruse explains that most of his job involves working with the people that are visiting the parks.

Episode 5

Talk on the Wild Side with Savannah Nease

Before attending college, Savannah Nease dreamed of working in the rain forest.  In this episode, Nease explains what a day-in-the-life of an Ecologist at Johnson Engineering includes.

Episode 6

Talk on the Wild Side with Jeremy Sterk

Jeremy Sterk has been an Environmental Consultant in Southwest Florida since 1994. His varied experience spans marine, upland, and estuarine habitats.

Episode 7

Talk on the Wild Side with Derrick Wyle

Derrick Wyle is a District Conservationist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture – Natural Resources Conservation Service. He works with agricultural producers to manage soils to produce higher quantities of food in the most sustainable way.

Episode 8

Talk on the Wild Side with Will Elliott

As the general manager of Collier Environmental Services, Will Elliott has been working to restore wetlands in Eastern Collier County. The company has restored more than 14,000 acres to date.

Episode 9

Talk on the Wild Side with Katie Laakkonen

Katie Laakkonen, Environmental Specialist with the City of Naples, shares how her department is working to monitor water quality levels and rebuild oyster reefs off of Naples’ shoreline.

Episode 10

Talk on the Wild Side with Molly Duval

Molly Duval is a Senior Environmental Specialist with the Collier County Conservation Collier Program. She is one of three land managers and oversees 21 nature preserves in the community.

Episode 11

Talk on the Wild Side with Jessica McIntosh

Jessica McIntosh, coastal training program coordinator, helps educate law enforcement officers, municipal staff, and key stakeholders about the state of the environment.

Episode 12

Talk on the Wild Side with Christian Spilker

Christian Spilker is the CEO of Land for Collier Enterprises. He manages a broad range of businesses engaged in real estate investment and development, agriculture, and private equity investments.

Episode 13

Talk on the Wild Side with Eric Foht

Eric Foht is the Natural Resources Director at Naples Botanical Garden. He developed a love for the environment as a child when he played outdoors and traveled with his family.

Episode 14

Talk on the Wild Side on Waste Management

In this episode, we explore careers in conservation from the team at Waste Management (WM). Each of the panelists serves a unique role to help protect our natural world.

Episode 15

Talk on the Wild Side with Louis DeMaso

Louis DeMaso’s career began as an intern with Lipman Family Farms and he now manages environmental sustainability on a national level.

Episode 16

Talk on the Wild Side with Kristin Eaton

Kristin Eaton earned a degree in biology and joined the Environmental Services and Wildlife division at FPL where she manages projects throughout the state.

Episode 17

Talk on the Wild Side with Charlette Roman

Roman, retired from the U.S. Army as a Colonel and relocated to Marco Island, Florida, was appointed by Governor DeSantis to The South Florida Water Management District.

Episode 18

Talk on the Wild Side with Brad Cornell

Brad Cornell is the Southwest Florida Policy Associate for Audubon Florida and the Policy Director for Audubon of the Western Everglades.