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Follow Lake on hiking trail at Starkey Wilderness Park, Pasco County, FL by Bret Tobey
[Starkey Wilderness Park, Pasco County, Fla. Image Credit via Bret Tobey.]

Vote YES on Penny for Pasco county referendum to protect thousands of acres of wildlife, water conservation, and provide recreational opportunities. The Penny for Pasco tax is a renewal after passing with a 70% margin in 2012. Proceeds from the penny sales tax are divided among the county, cities, and schools, including 20% targeted for environmental lands purchases. With significant properties owned by the state or water management district – including the J. B. Starkey and Green Swamp wilderness preserves – funds raised locally are used to purchase wildlife corridors and protect floodplains from development. 

More than 6,000 acres have been purchased but an additional 4,705 are still needed to meet the goal of protecting wildlife corridors and floodplains. Your YES vote will renew the penny sales tax for 15 years and make the following happen: 

  • 2,419 acres protected in Ecological Corridors 
  • 4,705 acres in Corridors still need to be protected 
  • An estimated 1,200-1,600 acres may be acquired with the current  Penny revenue 
  • An estimated 3,000-3,700 acres may be acquired with future Penny revenue 
  • Infrastructure projects for public access/security (countywide): 
    • Ballies Bluff Wilderness Park 
    • Len Angeline Wilderness and Recreation Park 

“As Florida's growth continues to put pressure on our unique ecosystems, it is critical that we support our local land acquisition programs such as Pasco County’s ELAMP. Having a dedicated source of acquisition funds will help us protect the remaining natural areas that make Pasco County special before they're lost to development.”

Rene BrownFWF Board Member
[Crews Lake Wilderness Park, Pasco County, Fla.]

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