Keeping the Wild in Florida since 1936

We only have one Florida

The Florida Wildlife Federation’s mission is to conserve Florida’s wildlife, habitats, and natural resources through education, advocacy, and science-based stewardship.

We believe that we must protect, restore, and connect our remaining wildlife habitats in a rapidly developing state and address ongoing climate change. Moreover, we must safeguard water quality and quantity as clean water is critically important to both humans and wildlife.

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The Florida Wildlife Federation, an affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation, is a private, statewide, non-profit citizens’ conservation education organization composed of thousands of Floridians and non-Floridians with a common interest in preserving, managing, and improving Florida’s wildlife.


The Florida Wildlife Federation has been the leader in supporting state land conservation efforts, from Preservation 2000 to the present Florida Forever program as without habitat, there is no wildlife.  


FWF was a major player in the passage of the Water and Land Legacy Amendment and the author of the ban on oil drilling near our beaches to protect coastal habitats and our tourism-based economy.

Climate Change

The Florida Wildlife Federation promotes climate change solutions like solar energy. We must move to non-carbon-based energy sources to mitigate against rising sea levels and extreme weather.

Endangered Ecosystems

  • Mangroves
  • Coral reefs
  • Everglades
  • Longleaf pine forests

Wildlife Conservation

Climate Change

Florida Wildlife Federation’s Affiliate Clubs

Florida Wildlife Federation is proud to be associated with affiliate organizations that share our conservation mission. With affiliates across the state, we are able to increase our advocacy to more localized areas and bring to light more diverse viewpoints. Whether a group is interested in preserving a certain river or native species or is a recreational organization that focuses on the outdoors, we all share the common goal of keeping Florida sustainable and special.    

Keeping the wild in Florida since 1936

“Thank you for visiting Florida Wildlife Federation’s website. We welcome your support and participation in our work on behalf of wildlife and wild places in our rapidly growing state.”

Sarah GledhillPresident & CEO

“We will not rest until Florida’s critical natural resources are protected and their biggest threats neutralized.”

Dave PrestonChairman of the Board

a wilder Florida

a wilder Florida

a wilder Florida

a wilder Florida

a wilder Florida

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