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Advocating for Conservation in Florida

The Florida Wildlife Federation advocates for the health and sustainability of our state’s unique plants, animals, and the ecosystems they support. Our goal is to empower every Floridian to act at the local, state, and federal levels to preserve our state’s natural beauty for generations to come.

Since the Federation’s inception in 1936, the organization has been a leader in conservation due in part to our ability to educate, empower, and galvanize intersectional support from all walks of conservation-minded people – from fishermen and -women to hunters, hikers, gardeners, bird watchers, wildlife enthusiasts, and more.   

Despite the many challenges facing our state, including unchecked development, pollution, and growing impacts due to climate change, we’ve seen time and time again that when people organize and act, we can affect positive change at every level. 

The fruits of our advocacy and organizing can be seen in recent wins for conservation.

Protecting Wakulla Springs
The Federation supported postponing the development of a mega-gas station on land that sits atop Wakulla Springs so that it can be acquired for conservation.
Legislative Advocacy
The Federation helped garner the support necessary to urge the Governor to veto bills that would have damaged the solar industry (HB 741) and undone years of  Everglades restoration progress (SB 2508).
Goliath Grouper Protections
The Federation was responsible for securing protections for the Goliath Grouper in their spawning areas off the coast of Southeast Florida.
No New Toll Roads
The Federation helped halt the ill-conceived MCORES plan to construct three new toll roads from Collier County to the Georgia state line.
Prevented Removal of Florida Panther 260
The Federation prevented the removal of Florida Panther 260 (FP260) from the wild into captivity after it was found to have preyed on calves — normal behavior.

With a base of committed supporters and stakeholders from the Panhandle to South Florida, the Federation understands that our best chance to protect Florida’s iconic species and wild places is through the advocacy of informed, resilient, and determined conservationists.

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Learn more about the Federation’s history and our work to conserve Florida’s iconic species and wild places.