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Keeping Florida Wild Since 1936

Whether in the classroom, the halls of government, or the courtroom, the Federation has worked tirelessly for nearly 90 years to protect at-risk species, conserve remaining wildlife habitat, and ensure that our state’s natural beauty and precious resources remain for future generations to value and enjoy.

In our work, we are privileged to have broad support from conservationists from all walks of life – from anglers and arborists to biologists, educators, outdoor recreationists, and more. Because of this diverse coalition of dedicated conservationists, we can embrace not only grassroots and grass-top approaches to addressing conservation issues in Florida but everything in between.

From Tallahassee to Washington D.C., we strive to be changemakers at the forefront of the conservation issues most important to Floridians and the health of our natural environment.

After a series of spring showers the once dormant ferns burst into life. Photo: Ferns by Brian Kamprath

We use education, advocacy, and science-based stewardship to fight for conservation at the local, state, and federal levels.


We organize and advocate to empower Floridians to protect what makes our state so special.


We strive to educate and empower the next generation of conservationists.


We litigate to protect our state’s natural resources and ensure accountability.

Local Policy

We amplify and support the efforts of local groups fighting to protect their natural environment

State Policy

We educate decision-makers and bring the voices of conservationists to Tallahassee on state law, regulations, and issues that are affecting Florida’s wildlife, water, land, and people.

Federal Policy

We advocate for national policies and funding on Capitol Hill that protect wildlife, water, and land.

Learn more about our history of conservation.