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Water Programs by the Florida Wildlife Federation

Few places on the Earth are as defined by water as Florida. Our rivers, bays, and coasts provide not only drinking water and outstanding outdoor recreation but critical fish and wildlife habitat. The protection of this precious resource is vital for ourselves, our economy, and indeed all life.

Fresh and Saltwater in Florida

Our state’s water is at risk from a number of factors as the human population rises. Increased water use depletes our aquifers and pollution threatens water integrity. Climate change-inspired rising sea levels is pushing groundwater inland, especially in South Florida where the majority of Floridians reside. Our fabled freshwater springs in North Florida are under pressure from dewatering and land conversion.

Actions on behalf of freshwater, which is only about 4% of all the water on the planet, must include conservation of use and protection of the natural systems that are our supply. We need to buffer our rivers with conservation land, which will also provide wildlife habitat and protect aquatic species.

On our coasts, we must be smart about beachfront construction, especially with hurricanes getting even more severe and destructive.

Saltwater provides a multi-billion economic driver, from tourism to boating, recreational and commercial fishing. Indeed, Florida provides one-third of the nation’s seafood. Coastlines also contain the estuaries that are the nurseries of the sea. To protect this vital resource, FWF was the leader in banning nearshore oil drilling off our shores.  

Everglades’ Restoration

FWF supports moving sufficient clean water south from Lake Okeechobee to the Everglades.

Rivers and Bays

From the fabled but diminished Everglades ecosystem to the once oyster-rich Apalachicola Bay, FWF has advocated and litigated to prevent harm and advance restoration.

Coastal Protection

FWF understands that our coasts provide not only a huge economic driver for Floridians, but critical habitat for sea turtles and a wide array of birdlife.

Florida's waters need your help

Florida is blessed with the Everglades, beaches, springs, rivers, forests and wonderful wildlife. Help us keep these natural treasures.