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Programs of the Florida Wildlife Federation

The Florida Wildlife Federation’s programs cover the entire conservation spectrum. We are involved in species protection for the rare Florida panther, legislative advocacy in Tallahassee and Washington, water pollution abatement, and sustainable fish and wildlife management.


Water, both fresh and salt, are the life-blood of Florida. From the internally renown Everglades to the St. Johns and Apalachicola Rivers, our waterways are emblematic and essential to both humans and wildlife. FWF has advocated and litigated for the reduction of pollution and the proper management of this precious resource.

Climate Change

As temperatures rise and hurricanes become even more violent. Florida boasts coral reefs, but they are slowly dying due to acidification, and exotic plant and animal species are moving northward on the peninsula as colder weather retreats. FWF pushes for action on a state and national level to meet this challenge.

Florida provides one-third of the nation’s seafood and is one of the country’s premier destinations for recreational saltwater fishing with a coastline stretching 1,350 miles. These coasts contain the estuaries that are the nurseries of the sea. To protect this vital resource, we have consistently opposed oil drilling off the coasts of Florida. The risk is simply too great.

Land Conservation

The Florida Wildlife Federation has been the leader in supporting state land conservation efforts since the 1960s.

Rivers and Bays

From the fabled but diminished Everglades ecosystem to the once oyster-rich Apalachicola Bay, FWF has advocated and litigated to prevent harm and advance restoration.

Gardening in Florida

The Florida Wildlife Federation strives to educate others about how they can individually take part in saving the state and the planet in their own backyard

Everglades’ Restoration

The Florida Wildlife Federation supports moving sufficient clean water south from Lake Okeechobee to the Everglades.

Fishery Management

The Federation has long been involved with fisheries management seeking to provide sustainability to critical aquatic ecosystems as well as to recreational and commercial use.

Clean Energy

The Florida Wildlife Federation supports action to address climate change by reducing carbon-based energy, increasing forestry, and educating decision-makers about renewable energy opportunities.     

Habitat Protection

The Florida Wildlife Federation pursues not only large-scale land conservation via public and private lands, but the connection of these lands.

Coastal Protection

The Florida Wildlife Federation understands that our coasts provide not only a huge economic driver for Floridians, but critical habitat for sea turtles and a wide array of birdlife.

Wildlife Conservation

The Florida Wildlife Federation supports environmental education and aims to teach Floridians about the special wildlife that call Florida home.

Now more than ever, Florida needs your help

Florida is blessed with the Everglades, beaches, springs, rivers, forests and wonderful wildlife. Help us keep these natural treasures.