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A Legacy of Conservation

The Florida Wildlife Federation has worked tirelessly for nearly 90 years to protect at-risk species, conserve remaining wildlife habitat, and ensure that our state’s natural beauty and precious resources remain for future generations to value. In that time, the Federation has played an important role in many significant environmental achievements and benchmarks. 

Over the last century, Florida’s plants and wildlife have struggled to survive in the midst of unchecked development, polluted waters, and disappearing wetlands. But some who loved the old, wild Florida fought back. In the mid-1930s, sportsmen and women in various states started working together toward the common goal of conserving not just game animals and their habitats, but all of America’s natural glories. In 1936, burgeoning interest in the conservation movement led to the founding of state wildlife federations, including the Florida Wildlife Federation.

Fast forward to the 21st century, the Federation represents conservationists from all walks of life. We engage at the local, state, and federal levels to ensure our wildlife and the habitats they rely on are protected and conserved for future generations to come.

The Federation leads on conservation issues and unites in coalition with other organizations.

Recent Achievements

The Federation helped garner the support necessary to urge the Governor to veto bills that would have damaged the solar industry (HB 741) and undone years of Everglades restoration (SB 2508)
The Federation conducted successful voter engagement campaigns for local land conservation funding ballot initiatives with 100% passing (Brevard County, Indian River County, Pasco County, Polk County)

The Federation prevented the removal of Florida Panther 260 (FP 260) from the wild into captivity for preying on cattle – normal behavior

The Federation secured protections for the Goliath Grouper in their spawning areas off the coast of Southeast Florida
The Federation helped halt the ill-conceived MCORES plan to construct three new toll roads from Collier County to the Georgia state line

Other Landmark Accomplishments of the Federation include:

Spearheading critical constitutional amendments: the Conservation Easement constitutional amendment (2008); the Land and Water Conservation constitutional amendment (2014); the constitutional amendment to ban oil drilling in state waters (2018)
Establishing the Big Cypress National Preserve (1974)
Successfully urging President Nixon to halt construction of the Cross Florida Barge Canal, which created the Rodman dam and choked off the free-flowing Ocklawaha River (1970)
Successfully arguing that the few remaining Florida panthers should be placed off limits to hunters (1958)
Leading the charge to establish the Florida Game and Fresh Water Commission, now known as the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (1943)

Learn more about our work to conserve Florida’s iconic species and wild places through advocacyeducation, and litigation.