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Habitat Protection

Without suitable habitats, there can be no wildlife. That is why the Florida Wildlife Federation pursues large-scale land conservation on both public and private lands and the connection of these lands. One of our priorities focuses on wildlife crossings to ensure safe travel for the endangered Florida panther, Florida black bear, and other wildlife species.

Healthy Land and Water

All living things require habitat. Ours may be our house and yard. For fish and wildlife, it is the forest, ocean, river or swamp. The protection, sound management, and restoration of Florida’s remaining natural habitats is at the core of Florida Wildlife Federation’s mission. We have promoted statewide programs to secure large tracts of land and advocated for the use of private land conservation by the use of easements. The Florida panther and black bear need large contiguous habitats to survive, and these must be connected to avoid development and highway mortality. The Federation has had a direct influence on over 50 built wildlife crossings and continues to advocate for additional crossing structures across the state.

Not all habitats are the same. Many natural lands have been invaded by exotic plants and animals, such as forests with non-native climbing ferns and the Everglades with pythons and melaleuca. Our waters now hold non-native armored catfish and lionfish which harm native aquatic life. It is a constant battle to preserve and restore these special areas, and one which the Florida Wildlife Federation has long fought.

The Florida Wildlife Federation also supports homeowners creating their own natural habitats. Even a small yard comprised of native vegetation can support a myriad of species and bring a greater appreciation of the natural world.

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