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Wildlife Programs by the Florida Wildlife Federation

Florida panthers, manatees, and black bears are just a few examples of the wonderful wildlife that call our state home. But the challenges of an ever-growing human population, development, pollution, and warming temperatures must be addressed if we are to save them.

Protecting Florida’s Wildlife since 1936

The rare Florida panther, iconic bald eagle, and Florida black bear are just a few of the native species we are blessed to have in our state. As with all species, they require habitat and science-based management to ensure they remain in our landscape for ourselves and future generations.

The Florida Wildlife Federation seeks to address ongoing issues such as sprawling development and pollution by advocacy at the state and federal levels and by litigation if necessary. As the only subtropical state in the continental US, we also face an invasion of non-native plants and animals that are not limited by cold weather. The expansion and connection of existing conservation lands and the safe movement of wildlife across roads is critical to ensure our wildlife has a home and that residents and visitors can enjoy the real Florida. Specific wildlife programs include: panther protection by land conservation and road crossings in Southwest Florida; advocacy for the statewide Florida Forever program and private land conservation by perpetual easements; and expansion of protected marine aquatic areas to serve as fish nurseries.

We promote holistic management of the marine food chain to ensure game species are abundant, and oppose misguided projects that will severely harm wildlife such as the planned toll roads in the peninsula. We advocate for restoration of the Apalachicola Bay and River, and the Everglades ecosystem which once teemed with wildlife, especially birdlife. The Florida Wildlife Federation also supports the enhancement of our freshwater springs to provide habitats for rare species and sustainable recreation.

We, therefore, promote the use of renewable energy sources and the advancement of forestry to mitigate this threat.

Fishery Management

The Florida Wildlife Federation has long been involved with fisheries management seeking to provide sustainability to critical aquatic ecosystems as well as to recreational and commercial use.

Gardening in Florida

The Florida Wildlife Federation strives to educate others about how they can individually take part in saving the state and the planet in their own backyard

Habitat Protection

The Florida Wildlife Federation pursues not only large-scale land conservation via public and private lands, but the connection of these lands.

Wildlife Conservation

The Florida Wildlife Federation supports environmental education and aims to teach Floridians about the special wildlife that call Florida home.

Florida's wildlife needs your help

Few places on the planet are more at risk from the climate crisis than south Florida, where more than eight million residents are affected by the convergence of almost every modern environmental challenge.