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Conservation Education

A core component of the Federation’s approach to conservation is education. In the face of complex environmental issues, we support environmental education for Floridians of all ages to foster appreciation for our state’s natural beauty and equip them with the skills necessary to build creative solutions.

Environmental education serves as a bridge between knowledge and action. By facilitating a deeper understanding of Florida’s diverse ecosystems, wildlife, and the intricate connections within these systems, education empowers Floridians to make informed choices that positively impact the environment. Whether through school programs, community workshops, or outreach initiatives, the Federation strives to create a sense of responsibility and stewardship among Floridians, cultivating a shared commitment to protect our land, water, and iconic species.

Education is a powerful tool that works hand-in-hand with conservation efforts, and the Florida Wildlife Federation recognizes its essential role in preserving Florida’s natural resources and rich biodiversity.

Educational Initiatives

Project Learning Tree (PLT)
PLT is a program of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative covering a wide range of topics from forests, water and wildlife, community planning, waste management, and energy. PLT activities can be integrated into lesson plans for all grade levels and subject areas.
Gardening for Wildlife
To Keep Florida Wild, the Federation educates citizens of all ages on ways to rewild their spaces to encourage biodiversity. From condo balconies, backyards, and schools to whole communities, we provide the tools to promote gardening for wildlife in Florida.  

Learn more about the Federation’s history and our work to conserve Florida’s iconic species and wild places.