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Gardening for Wildlife in Florida

The Florida Wildlife Federation promotes gardening projects, large and small, for their role in helping to conserve and restore biodiversity. Gardening for Wildlife in Florida is a free resource educators can use to help students learn how native plants and wildlife are essential to healthy ecosystems. Students can also discover how by planting native species, even in small areas, they can make a significant impact. 

Educating for Conservation

This free 24-page e-book is an introduction to gardening with information on native wildflowers, shrubs, and trees, tips for attracting birds, butterflies, and other pollinators, removing invasive plants, and much more. This resource also includes activities for exploring the outdoors in search of wildlife at home or school, sketching a garden plan, and coloring pages.

Content Highlights

  • Native plants for three Florida regions to assist in planning gardening projects at school or home
  • Illustrations of common backyard birds and butterflies to help students recognize species they might see in their neighborhoods or at school
  • An introduction to butterfly host plants, with illustrations of caterpillars, their chrysalises, and adult butterflies, to support lessons on lifecycles

Conservation Concepts

  • Urban gardens can be productive ecosystems with abundant pollinators, birds, and other small native wildlife
  • Planting with mostly native species can conserve water, reduce runoff and pollution, and eliminate the need for fertilizers and pesticides
  • Gardens offer great models for helping students learn about wildlife and ecosystems

Feel free to explore a preview of Gardening for Wildlife in Florida below. To access this resource, please complete the linked form at the bottom of the page. For questions, please contact FWF Education Coordinator, Marney Richards at

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