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Join the Florida Wildlife Federation

The Florida Wildlife Federation has an 80+ year history of preserving and protecting Florida’s fish, wildlife, and natural resources. We are involved in protecting the panther in South Florida through land conservation and working to expand habitat connectivity for the black bear and many other species throughout the state. FWF also advocates for clean water, the Everglades, and sustainable outdoor recreation. With your help, we can continue protecting wildlife in Florida.

Help Protect Florida

Know you are part of a group of dedicated Floridians working to preserve and protect Florida’s fish, wildlife, and natural resources, and who are determined that our fragile environment has a voice. Members receive invitations to Florida Wildlife Federation events, conservation alerts, and promotional items.


Access to all Florida Wildlife Federation's events to preserve and protect Florida’s natural resources.



Preserve and protect Florida’s awe-inspiring natural resources today for generations to come.



Help us achieve lasting results for both nature and people in Florida.



With a gift of $250 or more, join a circle of leaders helping to protect Florida’s most critical lands and waters.


Gift and Memorial Memberships

Make a gift to someone special, commemorate a milestone, or honor a lost loved one by making a contribution to the Florida Wildlife Federation in their name. Your donation will conserve Florida's land and water on which all life depends.

Membership Benefits

With your donation, you will become a member of Florida Wildlife Federation. In addition to playing a critical role in protecting Florida's wildlife, you will receive our member benefits.

Conservation Updates

The latest on how you are making a difference in supporting Florida conservation efforts, from Preservation 2000 to the present Florida Forever program.


You will receive monthly highlights of our top conservation news by email.

How can I be certain that the Florida Wildlife Federation deserves my support?

Since 1936, Florida Wildlife Federation has acted to protect what makes Florida special – her coasts, forests, springs, rivers, fish, and wildlife. Our goal is an environmentally sustainable state that, even as our human population grows, still retains the natural attributes that make Florida a special place to live.

How much of my donation actually goes toward protecting Florida's wildlife?

All donations that Florida Wildlife Federation receive support our small staff of dedicated employees who work every day to improve and increase habitats for wildlife such as the Florida panther and black bear and advance environmental education of Floridians and policy makers.

Does the Florida Wildlife Federation offer matching gifts?

At times individuals or entities will offer to match giving.

Can I make a donation in honor of a person?

Yes. Many donors contribute to memorialize loved ones or friends or to recognize achievements. 

Is the Florida Wildlife Federation political?

As a non-partisan, non-profit organization, Florida Wildlife Federation does not support any political party or candidate. We concentrate on conservation issues that impact all of us and our state regardless of party affiliation or ideology.

Can I use Florida Wildlife Federation in my estate planning?

Yes. Florida Wildlife Federation is delighted to be named as a beneficiary in trusts or wills. Please contact the Florida Wildlife Federation for more information at 850 656-7113.

Your contribution keeps Florida wild