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Save Our Water and the Everglades   

Call Your Legislators Today - Help Kill SB 2508

On February 21, the Florida House of Representatives did not accept Senate Bill 2508 (SB 2508) as written. This is positive news however we still have more work to do to kill this bill. 

SB 2508 will now go into conference. Conference is a process intended to reconcile differences. If the majority do not agree, then the bill fails. This is why we need you to call your Florida Legislators today to express your strong opposition to the bill and ask them to reject it. 


The bill continues to pose a significant threat to years of progress made to stop harmful discharges that lead to toxic algae blooms and greatly inhibits sending water south to the Everglades ecosystem. 

The bill is bad for Florida’s environment and economy because it: 

  • Prioritizes the use of water by industry over the needs of residents who are bearing the brunt of harmful discharges from Lake Okeechobee. 
  • Expedites the destruction of Florida’s remaining priceless wetlands.
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You can find the phone numbers for your State House Representative and State Senator by entering your street address HERE.

When calling the Capitol office, you will likely leave a message with the person answering the phone. Do not get discouraged, this is common during a busy legislative session. Your Legislators will receive the message.

Sample Script: 

Hello. My name is [state name]. My zip code is [state zip code] and I live in the [Senators/Representatives district]. I am calling to express my strong opposition to SB 2508. Please protect our public water resources from this industry-backed move to take control of our water by rejecting SB 2508. 

Thank you.

What else can you do?

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