Starting from Seed

The Florida Wildlife Federation strongly supports home gardening projects that provide food, water, and shelter to native species. All species need certain life-sustaining necessities, such as the monarch butterfly needing the milkweed plant. The Florida Wildlife Federation strives to educate others about how they can individually take part in saving the state and the planet in their own backyard

Tips for Planting

For the best germination, plant your wildflower seeds in time for your Florida region.

Choose a sunny area in your garden with well-drained soil and no weeds. One way to sow seeds evenly is to mix the seeds with moist sand or soil in a bucket. Then, mix in the seeds thoroughly.

Starting at one end of your bed, spread the half-sand mixture over the surface to the other end. Repeat the process starting at the other end of the bed. Then cover lightly with soil, no more than ¼ inch, and pat down firmly.

Keep the site moist, not wet, if rainfall isn’t sufficient. Check the soil for moisture before watering. If planting an area with very thin turf grass you can spread the seeds over the area and then rake lightly to bring seeds in contact with the soil.

Planting seeds in Florida regions

North Florida – September to October

Central Florida – October through December

South Florida – November through January

It’s important to remember not to fertilize! Native wildflowers are adapted to grow in Florida’s soil and climate. Adding fertilizer usually speeds weed growth rather than promoting wildflower growth.

When your wildflowers germinate, water only if plants are wilting. The best way to manage weeds in small wildflower areas is to pull the weeds by hand. This can be time-consuming but lets you remove only the weeds and avoid chemicals, which are harmful to valuable pollinators.

Your beautiful Florida native wildflowers will bloom mid-summer through fall. Enjoy the flowers and watch for pollinators!

For more information on establishing wildflowers and minimizing weeds, you can visit Florida Wildflower Cooperative:

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