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Pembroke Pines Championship Academy of Distinction Charter School wins the Florida Wildlife Federation’s 8th Annual Kids Wildlife Habitat Contest.

The Championship Academy of Distinction Charter School in Pembroke Pines, Florida has been named the winner in the Florida Wildlife Federation’s 8th Annual Kid’s Wildlife Habitat Contest. The statewide contest is open to all children in Florida 12 years old or younger who have helped to establish and maintain a place where food, water, cover, a place to raise young and to add sustainability to the site for Florida’s wildlife.

Championship Academy students have established a habitat garden with the help and guidance of 3rd Grade teacher, Mrs. Jany Moline. The habitat holds all things necessary to attract and sustain Florida’s native wildlife, particularly birds and butterflies.  Mrs. Moline has helped the children to build and paint colorful birdhouses, bird feeders,  and birdbaths, and they have planted shrubs and flowers that will provide nectar and berries to wildlife, as well as milkweed which is the necessary host plant for native butterflies.  Championship Academy’s Principal is Ms. Paulina Reyna.

Championship Academy’s habitat is located at the school’s front entry, so students and teachers can see and enjoy the wild things that are living there every day.  The habitat is also used as a fresh air classroom for other teachers’ classes. In addition to the enjoyment that the outdoor classes among the birds and butterflies afford, the students get a break from being indoors all day, which health experts believe is part of the cause for the rise in childhood obesity and diabetes that has plagued the youngest generation. The nature lessons that students acquire while working in the garden and observing the life cycles and habits of the garden’s wild creatures will help them to appreciate all the kinds of wildlife that Floridians are privileged to have in such abundance.

Championship Academy will celebrate Earth Day on Friday, April 21, 2017, with an assembly on the campus for student sand visitors at 10:00 am, when a representative from Florida Wildlife Federation will present the Kids’ Habitat Contest Award.

Honorable Mentions were awarded to Ridge crest Elementary School in Largo, Florida, and  J. H. Workman Middle School in Pensacola for their entries in the contest.