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  • Birds – One-third of bird species in North America are in need of urgent conservation action.
  • Fish – More than 40 percent of freshwater fish species are at risk in North America.
  • Amphibians – Approximately 42 percent of amphibian species (frogs, toads, and salamanders) are threatened or declining in the United States.
  • Reptiles – In the United States, 33 percent of turtles are threatened and 5 percent of other reptiles are threatened.
  • Butterflies – Of the roughly 800 butterfly species in the United States, 17 percent are known to be at risk of extinction — but that’s likely just the tip of the iceberg since there isn’t enough information on many native butterfly species.
  • Bumblebees – More than one-quarter of North American bumblebee species are facing some degree of extinction risk.
  • Bats – An estimated 18 percent of bat species are at risk of extinction, with an additional 13 percent potentially at risk. This places bats among the most threatened groups of North American vertebrates.
  • Freshwater Mussels – Overall, 70 percent of freshwater mussels in North America are already extinct or imperiled.  

One-third of all U.S. wildlife species are already imperiled or are vulnerable-and nearly one million species worldwide are at risk of extinction. Please join Florida Wildlife Federation to help preserve these species!