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The Florida Wildlife Federation is proud to offer prints of this imaginative new painting from Wildlife Artist Peter R. Gerbert. “Firefly Skies” is now available as a signed and numbered canvas print, limited to 200. Image size 12 by 18 inches, UV coated, framed (ready to hang) and unframed. Your print will come with a Certificate of Endorsement from FWF. A portion of the proceeds will directly benefit wildlife conservation efforts in Florida. 

Fireflies, also known as Lightning Bugs, are not flies or bugs, they are actually beetles (order Coleoptera). The blinking light from a firefly comes from a chemical reaction called bioluminescence. They appear in my backyard every year in the Spring and always fascinate me. Luckily, I was able to temporarily capture a few to be able to study their interesting detail, or I couldn’t have done this painting showing some of them up close! My concept here is that this inquisitive red fox (Vulpes vulpes) runs into them and wonders about their luminescence . . . are they stars that have fallen to Earth? – Peter R. Gerbert