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In recognition of the extraordinary generosity of philanthropists Sam and Betty Shine, the Florida Wildlife Federation (FWF) has expressed their deepest thanks. The Shines have recently donated a critical tract of land, over 6,000 acres in size, to the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge south of Tallahassee on the Gulf of Mexico. This is just the latest Florida conservation project that the Shines have aided in.

The land donated by the Shines will expand the Refuge northward to US 98, thereby protecting this environmental jewel from development and pollution. As a habitat, it will provide a perpetual home for a wide variety of plants and animals, including the Florida black bear and the indigo snake. Just as essential are the tract’s aquatic attributes. Creeks and seeps dot this land, and their protection affords increased water quantity and quality to our precious aquifer which also aids Apalachee Bay.

This is the latest in a long line of environmental projects involving Sam and Betty, and the Florida Wildlife Federation greatly appreciates their altruism, said Manley Fuller, FWF president.

The Federation has been working on the protection of these and other lands contiguous to the Refuge for many years.

The incorporation of the Shine tract into the Refuge will not only secure it for wildlife but will provide recreational opportunities for Floridians and visitors for generations to come.

It is by the unselfish actions of citizens like the Shines that we and our children will be able to enjoy a healthier and more sustainable Florida, stated Preston Robertson, FWF COO/General Counsel.