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Preston Robertson will become the President and CEO of the Florida Wildlife Federation (FWF) beginning February 2019 following Manley Fuller’s 32-year tenure. Robertson has been with FWF since 2005, working as the Vice-President for Conservation, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel.

A 1985 graduate of Davidson College in North Carolina, Robertson received both a Law Degree and Master’s Degree from the University of Florida. He joined the Board of Directors of the Federation during his first semester of law school.

With ancestors having moved to Florida in 1829, Robertson has a deep affinity for the state and the unique beauty we still enjoy. A devoted conservationist since running around the woods and fields on the family farm as a child, he has a passion to ensure that the natural lands and waters which make our state special remain unsullied and that the joy of being in nature is available to all.

Following a private litigation practice in North Central Florida, he served as Assistant General Counsel for the Attorney General’s Office and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Prior to joining the Federation as Vice-President, Robertson worked for The Conservation Fund to permanently protect lands in North Florida and South Georgia.

A volunteer Chairman of the Three Rivers Trust and board member of the Apalachee Land Conservancy, Robertson is also an instructor in Constitutional law. He authored and led the campaign to change the state constitution to provide tax relief to those who voluntarily protect private lands and was a key player in the effort to ban coastal drilling in our state waters. He is also a devout champion for the conservation of our remaining forests, springs and rivers, and the Everglades, and has for many years supported these critical efforts.

Preston takes the helm of the Federation at an exciting time and stated that: “Manley Fuller’s iconic tenure at the Federation has had us leading the charge on issues affecting fish and wildlife issues across the state. We have a plan in place to grow the organization and our influence to protect the state’s natural resources for generations to come. I embrace the challenge and look forward to working with our members and partners to accomplish great things for fish and wildlife.”