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Governor Desantis has gotten off to a good start in representing Florida as he has focused on our water crisis. His efforts on behalf of the Everglades have been noteworthy. We must act now to keep our state the beautiful one residents enjoy and jobs-creating tourists expect.

Unfortunately, two bad bills recently passed by the Florida Legislature have now passed for review by the Governor. Senate Bill 7068 will create three new massive toll roads through the remaining rural portions of the peninsula. These roads will not only serve to spread unregulated sprawl over the countryside, degrade and further pollute our water supply and decimate wildlife habitat, but shackle the taxpayer with years of costly expenses.

The money that will go towards SB 7068 would be much better spent on expanding existing roadways, which is what the Department of Transportation has recommended. Additionally, it could be used to improve our educational system, build public transit or for other worthy purposes.

The other bill which passed, House Bill 7103, essentially stops public challenges of growth management decisions by making challengers pay attorney fees and costs if they do not prevail in court, even if they had a sound basis for the litigation. This bill will stymie participation as the public will be in fear of bankruptcy if the courts do not see it their way.

Please contact Governor DeSantis at 850 717-9337 and ask him to please veto SB 7068 and HB 7103. He has shown himself to be the Governor of all the people, not monied special interests, and will secure that reputation by stopping these bad bills from becoming law. — Preston Robertson