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Water is an essential part of a healthy wildlife environment, including our gardens, yards, and neighborhoods. When creating a backyard habitat for wildlife, it’s important to provide various sources of food, places to rest and raise young, and most importantly, a water source! 

Birdbaths are an excellent option for a water source, coming in a variety of styles and materials, many are sturdy and easy to clean. You can even create your own using a simple shallow saucer from home. Sloping sides and a rough or textured bottom can make it easier for birds to perch. The water should be 1-2 inches at the deepest part, plenty for drinking and splashing, especially for small birds. 

Clean water is essential. Changing the water every few days keeps it fresh and free of mosquito larvae. To maintain your birdbath, simply scrub the bath with a brush 1-2 times a week, this keeps it clean and clear of algae. Bleach isn’t needed to clean, but some sources suggest occasional cleaning with a dilute vinegar and water solution (1-9 parts ratio) for a deeper clean. 

Want to attract more wildlife? Moving water is a strong draw for birds, so adding a dripper, mister or bubbler can help keep the birdbath full of activity and bring an assortment of birds. Motion in the water also helps deter mosquitoes from breeding in the birdbath. 

Other wildlife visitors might include bees and squirrels that will come for a drink at your birdbath in hot, dry weather. Even racoons might leave tell-tale wet paw prints after an occasional visit. 

While mosquitoes are a major concern in Florida, it’s easy to keep them from breeding in your birdbath. Changing the water every 3-4 days will keep them out of your bird bath. Adding motion to the water also helps deter mosquitoes from breeding in the birdbath. 

A simple water feature in the garden can help keep wildlife cool and healthy and offer many enjoyable wildlife viewing opportunities this summer! 

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