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Florida Gulf Coast University’s (FGCU) Wings of Hope Panther Posse program invites you and your whole family to participate in an online scavenger hunt! Click HERE to access the fun! Once on the site, hunt to find information about the endangered Florida panther on various websites including the Florida Wildlife Federation’s Panther Facts page.

The Panther Posse program educates over 5,000 children annually and involves hundreds of University students as mentors and guides.

The program allows participants to explore public conservation lands and experience panther habitat first-hand. Ms. Ricky Pires founded this education program at the University in 2000 and has educated thousands of elementary and college-age students about conservation. The Federation is honored to support and be a part of this program! Learn more about the FGCU Wings of Hope Panther Posse program HERE.

Photo by Peter R. Gerbert.