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The Florida Wildlife Federation (FWF) is honored to be the beneficiary of proceeds from print sales of Miami-based artist Irina Pushkareva’s “Florida Natives” series. A contemporary oil painter with a BFA from Parsons School of Design, Irina brings feelings of serenity and joy through her intricate paintings of the natural world.
20% of each print sold will support FWF’s mission and help protect Florida’s wild places. View the full gallery of available prints here.
Prints by Irina Pushkareva
Artist Q&A

What inspired you to paint wildlife?

“The reason I chose to paint wild animals thriving in their natural surroundings is because I wish to bring the feelings of joy, serenity and harmony to people through my art. People often act on emotions, on whatever feels good in the moment. When we do that, we create chaos in our lives, in other people’s lives, and in our surroundings as well. Only when we are calm and peaceful, our rational thinking turns on. Our emotions no longer direct how we act. Instead, we decide what is more rational and effective to do at the moment.

It is important to protect and serve the natural environment we live in because we can’t flourish as a society without it. But nature can flourish without us. The more we connect to nature, the more we connect with our true selves.”

Why is this project important to you?

“This project is important to me because I see how fast the state of Florida is being developed, and how negatively this development impacts Florida’s nature and its wild species. People seem to underestimate the importance of nature in our modern society. Today people struggle a lot with anxiety, chronic stress, depressive moods and even depression. But it was proven that watching animals in the wild brings joy, peace and harmony to one’s mind.
This project also serves as a reminder that our environment, its animals and humankind are all tied together.”
Irina Pushkareva
Irina Pushkareva, pictured at her easel. 

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