2021 FWF Photo Contest


While this is a shot of the Wood Stork silhouetted against Florida’s beautiful setting sun what stood out to me in post processing was actually being able to see these little near invisible bugs surrounding the Stork that made getting this shot near impossible. After wrapping up an afternoon shoot of photographing Terns at the Sebastian Inlet beach we were walking out and saw this Wood Stork standing in the grass. As the sun was setting behind there was only one spot where we could’ve lined it perfectly with the sun and that spot was lying in the grass. As soon as we got down we were immediately bitten all over by these No-See-Ums. Barely managing to focus on the camera long enough to get this image.

Camera Specifications

Canon7DMarkII 600mm 1/8000 f/11


Wood Stork and No-See-Ums


Sebastian, Indian River, FL, USA